UFLP Visits

Texas Children’s Hospital

Universal Fidelity LP (UFLP) began making an Easter visit to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Houston Medical Center more than 20 years ago.  Texas Children’s Hospital is a world-renown facility, children come from all around the world to receive treatment; Texas Children’s hospital has recently been ranked 4th by U.S. News’ report for Best Children’s Hospital for 2016-2017.  In the spirit of giving back to the community, two UFLP team members coordinate with the facility to visit with children that are either hospitalized or going through treatment during Easter week.  During the visit, the UFLP duo visits multiple floors enabling them to distribute hundreds of cuddly stuffed bunny rabbits to patients.  Although the interaction with each patient is limited, it is greatly appreciated by the staff, patient’s families, and patients.

As much as the children enjoy the visit, it creates quite the excitement within UFLP; the list of team members requesting to make the trip grows every year.  With a long list of volunteers, UFLP management selects one tenured team member and allows that person to select a newer team member to join them for the visit.  This enables the two people to strengthen their team-building skills while volunteering for a great cause.  The feedback from the volunteers has been consistent, the experience is extremely rewarding; knowing you are making a positive memory for a sick child is something most people never forget.