2020 BBB Awards for Excellence Winner


I wanted to let you know your company is a 2020 BBB Awards for Excellence Winner.

You can now start advertising you are a winner of the awards with the attached temporary logo.  Once the awards take place in October, you will be given a new logo (and trophy) to use -either the Pinnacle Award or Winner of Distinction logo – to replace this temporary logo. Typically, we don’t let our winners advertise until after the luncheon, but this is a special time, so we have established some guidelines for you to follow.

We will be back with you in a few months to get additional information on how you would like your name to appear on the trophy and how you can buy tickets to the luncheon.  Stay tuned!

Your company’s recognition at the 2020 Awards for Excellence sets you apart as one of the BBB Best.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to impress your customers, employees, friends, and family.  Again, congratulations!