Why Choose UFLP?

Universal Fidelity LP ( UFLP ) is a woman-owned, professional call center and collection agency specializing in assisting creditors with recovering funds while respecting consumers. We develop customized solutions for each one of our clients to assist with achieving financial performance from their receivables, while respecting consumers and retaining customers.

Why Fortune 100 Companies Choose UFLP

UFLP services account for Fortune 100 companies and have been recognized as a top-performing service provider. Our creditor partners benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and continuous improvement of our technology, infrastructure, and processes.

  • Compliance

    Compliance is ingrained in our culture. We offer our partners compliant business solutions with detailed third-party transparency.

  • Technology

    Our business is driven by technology. We use state-of-the-art technology in all aspects of our business to improve the customer experience.

  • Customer Services

    We focus on the customer experience. Our skilled agents are trained to understand what it takes to retain customer relationships.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Flexibility is key to seamless integration. Our team is flexible, allowing us to customize our processes to fit seamlessly into your business.

  • Account Cycle Management

    We service all stages of the lifecycle. We assist in the management of accounts at all stages of the account cycle pre-and post-charge-off.

Diverse Servicing Solutions

Our unique ability to service all types of accounts at all stages of the account lifecycle allows us to provide more robust solutions for our creditor partners.

UFLP offers outsourced call center solutions customized for the needs of each client. We fill various roles including order-taking, customer service, and even support.

We scrub account data to better prioritize our work efforts and to remove ineligible accounts.

Our creditor partners enjoy flexibility in how they deploy our services within their business processes.

Our representatives create a customized experience for your customers based on your goals and objectives.

We help to find and communicate with consumers that have moved or are otherwise difficult to locate.

Spanish speaking agents are available.

Translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms are available in multiple languages on the Department’s website, www.nyc.gov/dca

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