UFLP Celebrates

25 Years in the ARM Industry

HOUSTON, Texas — Universal Fidelity LP, a Houston-based collection company is celebrating its 25thAnniversary on February 4th.  The company was opened by Terry W. Simonds in February 1991.  The vision and culture were to provide “Enrichment Through Quality Partnerships.”

Terry W. Simonds won the Entrepreneur of the Year awarded by Ernest & Young for Service in 1997. Universal Fidelity was awarded the Blue Chip Enterprise Award the year following given by Mass Mutual.

The company has had the opportunity to work with many of the management leaders that began from our industry for many years, which brought opportunities and grow our company.

UFLP is a family-owned and operated business

Scott Hearn Executive Vice President has been in the dynamic collection industry since he was 16.  His father, John Hearn, started in the industry in the late 70’s with GC Services and retired from Universal Fidelity LP in 2009.  John passed last year, he mentored Scott throughout his career.

The amount of experience from the current leaders of UFLP exceeds 100 years.  Chief Financial Officer Jessica Hearn offered, “It is great to be part of an industry that has so many familiar names and stories that last generations. My daughter is already saying when she is older she wants to follow the family’s footsteps in the collection industry.”  UFLP has taken the word “Tradition” to its full meaning for the past 25 years.

UFLP Has Been at the Forefront of Technology

UFLP has been at the forefront in the collection industry continually keeping up with technology enhancements for their clients.  The company completed an overhaul of its entire technology infrastructure last Spring, converting to a cloud-based system.  The platform now has a full collection system integration with our dialer.

The new system allows for more enhanced security and compliance, and our agents tell us it is one of the finest systems they have experienced and the user based system is efficient and state of the art. UFLP partnered with Alpha IT Systems for this full implementation.  Executive Vice President Scott Hearn said, “UFLP wanted to offer our clients dynamic analytics, a key factor in producing outstanding collections and performance. We placed analytics in every facet of our service.”

Our company is poised for a terrific 2016 and look forward to another 25 years.