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Ask Dr. Debt
Ask Doctor Debt is not here to sell you financial products like debt settlement or loan consolidations. We exist solely to answer questions and connect you to helpful resources for information. Ask Doctor Debt offers three easy debt solutions:

1.) Know Your Rights when dealing with creditors and debt collectors.
2.) Take Action to avoid further debt and resolve your current debt.
3.) Get Answers to your debt questions and read answers to submitted questions.

Consumers may also visit www.consumerfinance.gov for more information from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which offers education, resources, and assistance regarding financial products and services.”
Credit Karma

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their finances. Our job is to give you the tools, the education and the opportunities you need to make real, meaningful progress.

Thinking about your finances can be frustrating, but we're working to make the process simpler and easier to understand for over 75 million Credit Karma members.


This website is a product of the Congressionally chartered Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which is made up of more than 20 Federal entities that are coordinating and collaborating to strengthen financial capability and increase access to financial services for all Americans. The Commission was established by the Financial Literacy and Education Improvement Act, Title V of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (P.L. 108-159).

The Secretary of the Treasury chairs the Commission, and the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the vice-chair.

Receivables Management Association Consumer Resources

The Consumer Resources section provides information and tools so you can make informed financial decisions and take control of your finances. It also offers a defense against fraud and deception.

Help for Consumers

It’s difficult to manage your money. Regardless of what you already know about money, there’s always more to learn, and there’s no time like the present.


myFICO is the consumer division of Fair Isaac, the company that invented the FICO® credit risk score that lenders use. Starting in the 1960s, Fair Isaac sparked a revolution by pioneering credit risk scoring for the financial services industry. This new approach to lending enabled financial institutions to improve their business performance and expand consumers’ access to credit. Today Fair Isaac’s FICO®Score is widely recognized as the industry standard for lenders.

myFICO offers informative credit-information products that help people understand actions they can take to achieve and protect their overall financial health. Through myFICO.com and our associates, over 23 million FICO® Scores have been sold to U.S. consumers since we launched our consumer service in March of 2001.

Free Credit Report

freecreditreport.com is part of a family of online consumer credit reporting sites belonging to ConsumerInfo.com, Inc., an Experian® company. ConsumerInfo was founded in 1995 to give consumers quick, easy, and inexpensive access to their credit histories. It is now the leading provider of online consumer credit reports, credit scores, credit monitoring, and other credit-related information. ConsumerInfo provides credit monitoring to its more than 3.1 million members and has delivered more than 20 million credit reports on the web. As part of the Experian family, it continues to grow its membership base and develop innovative products to help consumers better understand their credit.

At ConsumerInfo, we focus on people: our employees, our partners, and our customers. Strong relationships are an essential component of our being. Our people are committed to excellence, and each plays a key role in the success of the business. It is a never-ending pursuit to provide innovative and powerful products to our customers.

CFPB Consumer Portal

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulates the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services under the federal consumer financial laws and educates and empowers consumers to make better informed financial decisions.

Texas Consumer Hotline

Texas Consumer Hotline

The Consumer Hotline is a service of the American Collectors Association of Texas offered to the general public, government and municipal agencies, businesses and association members who have questions or complaints regarding collection techniques, state and federal laws governing the industry and consumer’s rights.

ACA of Texas Consumer Hotline
1-800-957-DEBT (3328)
Fax: 512-458-8740
How do I file a dispute?

eMail Dispute Now

Consumer Resources

Our goal is to provide the best consumer experience. As part of our commitment to providing a great experience, we have compiled financial education resources. These resources are a guide to improving an individual’s financial future. 

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We offer a variety of ways to make a payment on your accounts. We accept payments online, over the phone, by mail or via most popular wire transfer services.

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